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If you want to define the artistic universe of Ninah Mars, you could affirm that her art is based on abstract painting that’s characterized by a strong artistic and expressionist way which can be interpreted freely. The objective is to capture the audience, fascinating them and attracting them towards the artists’ distorted vision and reality.

Up until now, her artistry has been developing mostly as a passion, as an entertainment activity, to which she dedicates her free time. The artist paints her works through impulsiveness. She uses preliminary sketches to study the final piece and bases her inspiration on daily emotions. Her instinct is reflected in the use of various colors.

The chromatic specter composes the solid colors that aren’t mixed, but managed in the purest form. She uses black as a way to bring out distinctive elements in each painting. 

The characters she paints are usually abstract and sometimes cubic or square. Abstract figures, lines, colors, forms a brush strokes that have an esthetic sense. The majority of her works of art are not framed in order to use the canvas in its totality. The artist prefers to work on large scale canvas although has lately been working in smaller scale ones.

It’s difficult for the artist to define her own pieces of art, give them a name or a title. When this happens, the denomination is generic, and does not determine the meaning of the piece. All of this is a way for her not to influence the personal experience of the person look and enjoying the art.

Scream Square 6
Scream Square 4
Scream Square 5
Scream Square 3
Scream Square 2
Scream Square 1
Scream 12
Scream 11
Trans Prince
The Wall 60x60
The Princess
The Prince and The Not Yet Prince
Smokey Hair
Scream 9
Scream 10
Scream 2
Scream 8
Scream 7
Scream 6
Scream 5
Scream 4
Scream 3
Scream 1 80x100
Pink Suicide of Blonde Sally
LSDreams 70x100
Party of Three 90x65
La Catira 70x100
Kill The Fish 60x120
Bambina 1 60x70
Cut Here 2 60x70
Fireworks 60x60
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